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What You Need to Know About Professional Water Damage Restoration

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

What You Need to Know About Professional Water Damage Restoration

Many things can lead to water in the home. These include burst pipes, the rise in river levels, and a hurricane among others. When water damage occurs in a home, the first step that you as the owner should take is to evacuate everyone to a safe place depending on the level of the waters in the home. When everyone is safe, you can contact the water damage restoration company to start the water cleanup process. The main aim of the restoration company will be to restore your home to the state it was in before any of the flooded home or water in the business occurred.

Choosing the right mitigation company

There are certain steps that you can follow when looking for a mitigation company to remove water in the home.

Look at the services they offer

Start by looking at a few companies which are close to you. Inquire about the services that they offer in detail. Cleaning a flooded home or water in the business restoration after a pipe break or a supply line break is a process which needs a lot of patience and expertise. Find out whether the following mitigation services are part of what is on offer:

• Extraction of the water in the home or water cleanup
• Water treatment to remove microbes
• Cleaning of the premises
• Drying and dehumidification
• Deodorization for places that have a bad odor
• Treatments to prevent the growth of mold
• Cleaning upholstery
• Painting and remodeling and repairing the pipe break

These are some of the services that are part of water cleanup and water damage and restoration. When hiring a company to remove water in the business, you have to make sure that they offer you with the most value of services for your money.

The time it takes them to get to you

Water damage due to a pipe break or supply line break is an issue that might look very trivial when starting out, but end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. To avoid this, you need a damage restoration company that will get to you as soon as the pipe break or supply line break happens and start the water cleanup after you have contacted them. Companies that are available round the clock are the best because you can contact them with any supply line break emergency and at any time of the day or night. The earlier the drying process starts, the better.

Their charges

The other consideration you need to make when hiring a company for damage restoration after water in the business is what they are charging for the services. Note that in case of water damage, you already have other losses to deal with. The best thing to do is make a comparison of the services a certain company is offering, with the quality of the service they will deliver. This will help you land on the enterprise that can offer you excellent services at a reasonable cost. It is advisable to try and get multiple estimates of the amount that it will cost you to restore the home to the state it was in before the damage. Decide on what suits your need best, and then settle for them.

The restoration process

After hiring the flood damage expert, it is important to know what to expect during the cleanup, drying and restoration process of a flooded home. Meet with the experts and listen as they explain their process. Most of the times, they follow the procedure outlined below:

• The first thing the flood damage restoration experts usually do is get to the site and assess the amount of damage in the flooded home.
• If the source of the water is a burst pipe or supply line, they will repair or turn off the water from the source to prevent further damage
• The flood damage expert will then extract all the water stagnated in the area.
• Drying and dehumidification will be done. Upholstery will be cleaned and deodorized.
• The restoration company will then repaint the places which have stains. The flood damage experts will also restore the structures which were ruined by the damage to the state they were in before the damage.

These are some of the things that you can expect about water damage and the mitigation process. The most important aspect to remember is that with a competent repair company, the process will be straightforward.
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Minimizing Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration Costs

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Minimizing Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration Costs

Cleaning up and restoring a commercial property following a fire is often a far more involved and costly undertaking than many businesses might realize. Even a small electrical fire or utility room fire can cause considerable damage, especially in instances where a fire suppression or fire sprinkler system may be triggered resulting in water damage along with soot damage and smoke damage. Commercial fire damage cleanup services may be an essential resource for ensuring fire restoration efforts are able to be as cost-effective and successful as possible.

Understanding the True Cost of Fire Damage

While heat and exposure to flame may be the source of direct fire damage, there may be a number of secondary factors that may compound the scope and severity of commercial fire damage. Smoke damage and soot damage may cause harm to upper floors, crawlspaces and other areas far from the site of a fire. Even a firefighter may cause damage to their surroundings, especially in instances where obstacles may be blocking a fire hose or fire truck from accessing the source of a fire. Even a relatively contained electrical fire or utility room fire may call for extensive fire restoration and cleanup should it trigger the activation of a facility-wide fire suppression or fire sprinkler system.

Secondary Damages

From a firefighter using an ax to break down or door or to clear a path for a fire hose to fire trucks which may cause harm to landscaping an exterior environments during their response, there are any number of situations which may result in secondary fire damage. Soot damage and smoke damage are often the most common culprits when it comes to higher fire restoration and cleanup costs, although water damage caused by a fire suppression, fire sprinkler system or even the fire hose and other equipment employed by a firefighter may often do significant harm.

Water Damage

Water introduced into an environment from a fire truck, fire hose or a fire sprinkler system can become a major issue in terms of commercial fire damage cleanup. Even a small blaze stemming from an electrical fire or a utility room fire may require huge volumes of water to control and suppress. Along with soot damage and smoke damage, water and moisture often result in the most extensive damage when it comes to smaller fires and those that fire suppression systems or firefighters are able to effectively contain.

Damage Caused During Fire Suppression Efforts

There are many types of commercial fire damage which may may come as a surprise to many commercial property owners. A fire truck may cause considerable damage to lawns, landscaped areas and even parked vehicles in situations where it may be difficult to access the source of a fire or bring suppression resources to bear. The total cost of fire damage cleanup and fire restoration efforts can often be considerably higher than many property owners might have anticipated due to the additional damages that may be caused when combating, containing and suppressing a fire.

Comprehensive Inspections and Repair Estimates

From a small electrical fire to a site-wide blaze, arranging for a professional inspection and a cleanup cost estimate is often the first step in the fire restoration process. Even a seemingly minor incident, such as break room or utility room fire which is quickly suppressed can result in extensive soot or smoke damage. Commercial fire damage inspections are often essential for identifying any portions of a structure which may have been compromised as well as uncovering any damaged materials or areas that might have otherwise escaped notice. Taking prompt action is often essential for ensuring that cleanup and restoration efforts are able to be kept under control.
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How to Prepare for Storm Damage

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How to Prepare for Storm Damage

The increasing global temperatures have had destructive effects in many areas across the world. Ice damage, hurricane damage, wind damage, hail damage, river flooding, and other storm related effects have become common occurrences. Despite the reliance on technology to help in the forecasting of the weather, it is necessary to be prepared for the worst-case scenario and to take storm remediation. measures.

Protect Your Property

According to statistics, the three main areas that suffer the most from hurricane damage are the roof, doors, and windows. Taker time and reinforce your windows, roofs, and doors including garage doors. Hurricanes and other violent storms can run rampage causing trees and branches to fall on your property causing roof damage. This in turn increases your roof repair costs. Before the storm season rolls around, remove and trim trees close to your property to keep it safe from wind damage.

Have a flood pump on standby in case of flooding caused by hurricane damage, ice damage, hail damage, flood water and ground water. Flood pumps can work automatically to drain the ground water. A flood pump is a handy tool to have. You may notice a roof leak and it will call for roof repair to avoid severe water damage. Roof repair experts can help you in the retrofitting of your roof to secure it from getting blown away.

Avert Water Damage

Storms come with heavy rainfall, and if you have loose gutters and a leaking roof, you will need a contractor to do roof repair. Chances are that there might be roof damage leading to a roof leak into your property causing water damage. To avert a catastrophic storm damage including river flooding, wind damage, ice damming on roofs, flood water, and hail damage, in the event of a hurricane, cyclones, and tsunamis ensure that you secure the loose downspouts and rain gutters as well as any frozen pipes to prevent water damage to your property. Ice damming or formation of ice dams in the case of ground water flooding gets worse the longer you take before enacting a plan towards storm remediation.

Retrofitting is your best bet to ensure that you reduce your storm restoration costs. Retrofitting secures your doors, windows, as well as the roof to avoid having a roof leak and frozen pipes that cut the water supply. In the case of water damage due to flood water, ice damming, river flooding, ground water flooding, wind damage, hail damage, or ice damage, you have no choice but to get a flood pump. Ensure that your storm restoration expert can thaw out frozen pipes, and offer water restoration services to avoid further property damage.

Winter storms, ice damage, hail damage can cause frozen pipes and a roof leak that gets worse with time. Ice dams form on the roof, and it is one of the main causes of roof leaks. A pool of ice dam puts extra weight on the roof. Ice dams should be removed immediately to safeguard the roof.

However, of most importance, ensure that you shut off your gas supply, as well as switching off your electricity at the main switch. This is to prevent fire damage during or after the storm. Before the expected date of the storm, ensure that you vet several water restoration companies, preferably in your locality.

What to Do After a Storm

The first thing after the storm clears is to get a contractor to do water restoration and utilities restoration then contact your insurance provider to come and assess the extent of the hurricane damage, ice damming, river flooding, roof damage, as well as ground water flooding after storm damage. They will send an assessor who will undertake an accurate investigation of the storm damage and ensure that you get your rightful compensation for home restoration. If you have a disagreement with the insurance adjuster on the amount of damage, speak with their supervisor for a second opinion. However, you can always hire an independent storm restoration contractor to undertake the storm damage restoration process, including water restoration, roof damage, flood water clearing, and general home restoration.

It is equally important to take note of all communication between you and the storm restoration adjuster or independent home restoration contractor. This includes all dates, visits, phone calls, repairs, receipts, and any other paper work associated with the process of water restoration or storm remediation.

If you are a victim of hurricane damage, you can ask your insurance company for reimbursement to cater for the expenses arising from additional living. Ensure that the address of your property is well visible from the street to make it easier for storm remediation. and home restoration contractors to find your property.
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Importance of Professional Water Damage Restoration

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

Importance of Professional Water Damage Restoration

Broken sewerage systems, Plumbing pipe breaks or even the entire water supply line breakage can cause a lot of water damages to a residential or commercial property. Water damage is among the most critical catastrophic that can happen in to, a building. Hence, it may be to understand the benefits of getting immediate water damage remodeling services whenever there is water in home or water in business buildings.

Water damage does not just damage the structure of the premises, but it also affects the contents of that house as well as the fittings found inside. The lawns could also be affected in any flooded home. Working with experts who understand the various steps to undertake in restoring your home could be a significant idea. Hiring the right restoration company for the water cleanup jobs has many advantages.

Importance Hiring Competent Water Damages Remodeling Companies

1. Fast restoration

Water damages mitigation projects are complex, yet they require very fast responses from competent experts. The drying up process is also considered time-consuming by many people. However, working with proficient restoration company assures you that the water cleanup project will be done within the required time. Due to the experience, a restoration company has, they will ensure that they evacuate the water in business areas or water in home to using the right and most efficient supply line break technology possible.

2. Prevention of fungus, mildew, and mold

A flooded home that is not dried up within the shortest time may experience the development of mildew, mold or even fungus. The machines used in the drying process must also be efficient to dry up the entire walls and floor of the affected building. With the right flood damage experts, the dryness of the house will be acquired within the required time. This stops the growth of molds, mildew or fungus on the walls, floor or ceiling.

Working with competent mitigation Restoration Company will ensure that necessary precautions during the water cleanup and restoration process are taken. The company has various steps in ensuring that the flooding water in homes is treated before being handled to reduce the risks of infection. This assures the client that the water will not affect them or their family in any way.

3. Reduction of total loss or comprehensive remodeling costs

Hiring companies that will create a long lasting relationship with their clients is very important. These companies provide maintenance service on your plumbing system, and they try to repair all the supply line breaks and pipe breaks even before they cause extensive flood damage losses. This saves the home or business owner from incurring a lot of losses if the pipe or the flooding was allowed to continue in the restoration process.

Great companies are also responsive on time which means that the water will not soak much on the floors and walls before the water removal process is done. Prolonged exposure to flooded water may result into collapsing of the walls of a flooded home and thus loss of the entire property too if drying is not immediately done. Competent and responsive mitigation firms ensure that such incidents do not occur.

4. Provisions of comprehensive services

The rightful companies which specialize in this industry ensure that they provide their clients with fully packaged services. This includes services such as removing water in business premises or water in homes by the use of sump pumps, deodorization, moisture remediation or drying, sanitation, odor removal, content mitigation, maintenance of pipe breakages, air duct cleaning among other critical flood damage services. These types of services are all important to clients.

Some restoration companies help in reconstruction or remodeling of the entire building. With the desired design, the professionals advise on the various precautions to be looked at, during such projects to avoid flood damages or supply line break or pipe break incidents.
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Getting Your Life Back On Track After Fire Damage

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Getting Your Life Back On Track After Fire Damage

It's possible to repair fire damage after a fire in home or fire in business if you act quickly. Mold growth and the setting of soot can continue to worsen the soot damage and water damage after the fire in home is put out. Buildings that are affected by fire damage are also at an increased risk of vandalism and theft. Here are some things that should be done after fire damage occurs:

Hire An Emergency Board Up Service:

If you suffer a fire in home or fire in business, it is essential to hire a board up service right away. The board up service will help to protect you from theft or vandalism. It's important to hire a board up service that is located as close to your home or business as possible.

Find A Fire Damage Restoration Company:

It's important to find a fire damage restoration company that has extensive experience in the fire cleanup business. This will ensure that the company is as skilled at repairing fire damage as possible.

You should always check reviews of the fire damage restoration company that you're considering. Some websites that you should check are Yelp, Angie's List, Google, and Consumer Affairs. While the star rating of a fire damage restoration company is important to consider, you should also closely examine the individual reviews. If any of them indicate dishonest business practices, the restoration company should be avoided. This is true even if the restoration company appears to have a significant number of positive reviews.

Also, look for the restoration company on the Better Business Bureau website. This organization only accredits businesses that are considered to be trustworthy. If the restoration company is accredited, they will receive a grade from the organization.

It's also important to make sure that the company specializes in mitigating smoke damage and soot damage. The soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell is sometimes more serious than the structural damage caused by the fire. If the soot settles over a period of several weeks, it will become extremely difficult to get rid of the smoke damage and smoke smell.

In addition, you should compare several fire cleanup companies. This will allow you to get the best price and quality of service.

Commercial Fire Damage:

If you suffer a fire in business, the situation is different from fire and smoke damage as a result of a fire in home. If you suffer a fire in business, you need to hire a service that specializes in commercial fire damage. Commercial fire damage is often covered by your business insurance and/or building insurance. Therefore, it is essential to contact your insurance company after commercial fire damage occurs.

The smoke smell that occurs after a fire in business can drive away customers. Therefore, it's essential to take steps to deodorize the smoke smell that is caused by soot damage.

Make Sure The Company Addresses Water Damage During The Fire Cleanup:

The fire department uses large volumes of water to extinguish the flames, and water is likely to seep into floors and walls. This can cause significant mold growth and cause dry rot that results in structural instability.

Find The Right Company To Reconstruct Your Home:

In some cases, areas of your home will need to be rebuilt. It's important that you find a contractor in your area that has been reviewed well. In addition, it's important to compare rates between different companies. Also, check to see if a contractor you're considering is listed with the Better Business Bureau.

Contact Your Insurance Company:

It's important to immediately get in touch with your home insurance company after the fire. They will be able to provide you with information about which fire damage restoration companies in your area accept their coverage. Keep in mind that the insurance company may not cover all of the fire cleanup costs.
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5 Things to Know About Mold Damage

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5 Things to Know About Mold Damage

Mold damage is extremely common. Whether it is residential or commercial mold damage, it has to be taken care of. Often, the mold removal is necessary once there has been a flood or some other kind of situation with water. How the mitigation and remediation are handled is of the utmost importance.

Fungus Spreads

One of the most important things to realize about mold in a home or a business is that fungus spreads. There are spores which contribute to the mold growth. The spores are microscopic and spread in the air. It's why mitigation should be handled right away to prevent excess mold growth.

Without meaning to, it's entirely possible for black mold or mold growth behind a wall to spread simply because of tapping into an area where there is fungus.

A best practice is to turn the air conditioner off when there is mold in a home or business as it will be a part of mitigation.

Black Mold is Problematic

There are different types of fungus out there. Mildew is the easy kind to deal with. Most mildew problems happen in areas where there is at least a little bit of water. However, mildew doesn't spread quite like black mold. The problem with black mold is that it can cause dry rot as well as various structural problems.

If there is black mold or it's believed to be, then it's important to bring a restoration company in to help with the remediation process.

Mold Smells

There is often a smelly odor associated with mold damage. Often, it is the smelly odor that tells people that there is mold growth behind a wall. Otherwise, it is found when the mold removal happens. When the mold removal is scheduled, the smelly odor almost always goes away. There is usually a lingering smell, however.

Deodorization helps to get rid of the smelly odor from the mold in a home or business as well as any dry rot that has occurred. A restoration company will be able to use an array of deodorization techniques during the remediation to ensure all odors are eliminated.

No one should forget about the deodorization because it's what ensures that the residential or commercial mold damage is a distant memory. Otherwise, the odor will continue to linger in one way or another.

Mold Damages a Lot of Materials

Residential and commercial mold damage has to be taken care of in a timely fashion. The longer it takes to schedule mold removal by a restoration company, the more likely there will be cases of dry rot. Mildew and various forms of mold growth can grow quickly. It can eat through wood, insulation, and many other materials. This can lead to structural damage over time.

It is why mold growth behind a wall can be so severe. Any time mitigation and remediation is needed, it's best to call a restoration company to ensure the job is handled promptly and effectively.

Not All Mold in a Home or Business is Visible

A big problem with mold growth is that it's not always visible. A restoration company will have sensors and equipment that will make it easier to learn about mold growth behind a wall to determine if there are dry rot and other things going on.

Without knowing where all of the mold is, the residential and commercial mold damage cannot be properly rectified. Deodorization is only one aspect of mold damage. It's so much more than getting rid of odors. There may be the necessity to rebuild what was lost, dehumidify the building, and create various steps to ensure that mold doesn't grow in the building again.
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Residential and Commercial Water Loss

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Residential and Commercial Water Loss

Water damage is never something to take lightly. Even a small supply line break or a pipe break, which appears to have released only moderate amounts of water onto the floor, can cause serious damage to a property, if left unresolved. Water damage that is allowed to sit and fester will result in mold and mildew growth. Water damage can also weaken materials, such as drywall, and structural components, such as beams and joists. In severe cases, water damage that is left untreated can result in significant compromise of the structure that can eventually lead to the property becoming uninhabitable.

Fortunately, complete restoration of a flooded home or business is usually possible. But mitigation and restoration efforts must begin as soon as possible. In this article, we'll review the process involved in the restoration and mitigation of a flooded home or business, outlining the steps that a property owner can take to ensure that flood damage is adequately contained.

The first and most important thing that a property owner can do, by far, is call in a professional restoration company. The equipment, expertise and manpower needed in the successful restoration of flood damage is far beyond what anyone but trained professionals can provide. Even the smallest floods require prompt initiation of the mitigation process, in order to avoid damage to the structure and a potentially hazardous living space.

Almost every city in America has at least one professional flood damage restoration company. Once the restoration company is notified of the flood damage, they should arrive on scene within one hour.

Once the call has been placed, the water cleanup crew will take it from there. Upon arriving at the flooded home or business, the water cleanup crew will immediately begin assessing the extent of the water in the home or water in the business. They will also track down the source of the flooding, whether from a pipe break, supply line break or other water containment failure. Using sophisticated instrumentation, such as hygrometers, infrared water detectors and x-ray mapping systems, they will determine if the water in the home or water in the business has spread to areas that are not visible to the naked eye. Once all of the water in the home or water in the business is accounted for, they will formulate the best plan of attack and begin the mitigation process.

At this point, if there are any active leaks from supply line breaks or pipe breaks, the cleanup team will close them off. In some cases, large supply line breaks or pipe breaks may require the use of arc welders.

The next step in the water cleanup process is the extraction of all standing water in the home or water in the business. Using high-powered pumps and specialized vacuum systems, the cleanup crew will begin removing up to 2,000 gallons of water per hour from the premises. The flooded home will be completely drained of standing water within less than one hour.

The next step is commencement of the drying process. The cleanup crew will use heavy-duty drying equipment and dehumidifiers to remove massive amounts of moisture from the property's materials and atmosphere. The drying process is the longest step, in terms of time. It may take anywhere from a few hours to a day. When completed, the property will appear to more or less completely restored to its prior state. At this stage, there will be no risk of further damage to the premises.

The final step involves the thorough cleaning and sanitization of the home and its contents. This will kill any incipient growth of mold or mildew, as well as eliminating any unpleasant smells that may form due to water logging.
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What Is Recoverable after a Fire?

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What Is Recoverable after a Fire?

The loss of property can be financially and emotionally crippling after a fire in a home or a fire in a business. Whether fire damage is extensive or not, some value can usually be recovered from a property that has undergone soot damage, smoke damage, or fire damage. There are a variety of techniques that a professional restoration company can employ to salvage personal belongings and other contents in a property that has undergone a fire in the home or a fire in the business. Some of these techniques can help to recover thousands of dollars' worth of property value.

Commercial fire damage can be curbed by boarding up any damaged windows and doors immediately. Walls and roofs may need to be evaluated by a professional who can board them up for reinforcement as well. This is an essential step to preventing a collapse of the building or structural damage which can require independent contractors to repair. A restoration company should be called immediately after a fire in a home or a fire in a business to evaluate for structural integrity so it can be properly boarded up. Although unsightly, a boarded up property provides the kind of stability necessary to move forward in fire damage restoration and provides peace of mind to the property owner.

Although smoke damage and soot damage settle in within minutes to surfaces all across a property after a fire in a home or a fire in a business, much of it can be reversed using industrial techniques. Specialized equipment is employed by professional technicians in order to maximize the recovery of personal belongings and important fire damaged contents of a property. If fire damage restoration is not possible for certain items, they will be evaluated and disposed of properly following the local regulations.

Fire cleanup of soot damage and smoke damage depends on the surface that requires fire cleanup. Soot damage settles into surfaces within minutes of a fire and can be permanent depending on the material of the surface. Drywall and solid surfaces tend to absorb much less soot and smoke than other porous surfaces like textiles and carpeting. The smoke smell that can settle into fabrics is extremely difficult to remove. Ozone treatment or thermal fogging may be an option that a technician can recommend to remove stubborn smoke smells. Smoke smell that is relatively mild can be removed with ventilation and air current movers.

Commercial fire damage to carpets can be reversed with a heavy duty vacuum, rotary scrubbing, and steam injection. Depending on the extent of smoke damage and soot damage caused to the carpet, it may never return to its original color, even with extensive fire damage restoration. A fire cleanup expert can discuss whether or not further treatment will result in improvement or whether replacement is a better option. Commercial fire damage is often reversible if cost is not an issue.

A restoration company also provides water damage restoration, which is necessary following extensive firefighting. Water extractors and dehumidifiers are generally employed to reduce any flooding or water remaining in the property. Air current movers will also keep the property dry and ventilate the property to reduce smoke smells. After boarding up a property, drying it out is the next most important step in reducing further damage. Disinfectants and antimicrobials are also employed to prevent mold growth, which can be an issue in the future.

Commercial fire damage requires fire damage restoration because of the value that is recoverable following fire damage. Fire cleanup by professionals reduces further costs that can be incurred in the disposal of large debris. A restoration company also allows for a business owner to salvage as much as possible at a more economical price. Fire damage restoration is not magic, but more is recoverable than what most individuals initially believe. Fire damage does not have to mean a total loss of value or property.
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The Value of Expert Mold Remediation Services

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The Value of Expert Mold Remediation Services

Mold is a big threat to the safety of a property because it grows anywhere and at incredibly fast rates. A home or business may start experiencing mold growth within 48 to 72 hours, leading to considerable mold damage if the proper remediation measures are not put in place. Mold contains fungus filaments that thrive in humid surroundings. It is why water damage always comes with mildew and mold issues.

The microscopic spores of this organism can exist in all kinds of surfaces, meaning property can suffer extensive dry rot damage, depending on how long the infestation goes without mitigation. Black mold can also leave a smelly odor that makes a place inhabitable. Several reasons justify the cost of professional mold removal services.

Effective Removal

Some people try to remove mold in home or business properties using standard detergents and paints. Such products only serve to hide the fungus while it continues to fester underneath. A restoration company understands mold growth and, therefore. knows how to get rid of it effectively.

It is wasteful to spend money on bleach and other supposedly strong cleaning agents only to have mildew and black mold resurface after a few weeks. If it's commercial mold damage, removal experts know which areas to target first to prevent further infestation. Professionals will use remediation tactics to remove even the dormant spores, so growth doesn’t occur once the surfaces dry. Experts will also identify mold growth behind wall then work on proper deodorization and mitigation.

Contain Damage

Mold damage can spread faster than a homeowner can deal with it. If the growth of mold in home begins in areas with little traffic like the basement, the infestation may spread without the knowledge of the occupants. The more surfaces covered by black mold, the higher the degradation of the structural quality of a property, especially due to dry rot. In instances of floods or other water incidents, mold removal professionals will start working immediately to avoid compromising the structural integrity of business or residential buildings.

Occupants can contribute to the mitigation of mold growth behind wall by removing water and drying surfaces after a flood or burst plumbing pipes. Note that commercial mold damage may occur in new buildings if the materials were kept in humid conditions. A restoration company can provide the necessary fixes to remove the mildew and fungus.

Restore Living Spaces

The fungus that causes mold infestation can lead to several health complications like breathing problems. People with allergic reactions will have trouble staying in rooms with mildew or black mold. The fact that mold spores float in the air means that any disturbance will cause them to migrate and spread mold growth, making mitigation more challenging. Additionally, disturbing mold in home will cause the spores to scatter into the air, thereby increasing contamination.

Calling in remediation experts gives assurances that homeowners can get their living spaces into habitable conditions in good time. Mold growth behind wall and other surfaces result in a smelly odor that can be difficult to remove. The dry rot usually caused by the accumulation of mildew leaves a pungent smell that is hard to ignore. A restoration company will use deodorization and other tactics to get rid of the smelly odor.

Save Time

Commercial mold damage can stall business operations, leading to revenue loss. Hiring a restoration service to handle the mitigation and deodorization of business premises takes the stress away from the company owner. Because mold removal companies use advanced cleaning equipment, quality deodorization products, and trained remediation experts, it takes less time to remove the smelly odor and mold growth behind wall. Whether it’s commercial mold damage or a fungus infestation in the home, a mold removal service will have sufficient resources to fix the mold damage.

When dealing with the growth of mold in home or the workplace, actions such as drying surfaces and turning off the AC will help contain the smelly odor, mold damage, and minimize dry rot. However, the professional services of a restoration company are highly advisable in the prevention of mold growth and its consequences.
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The Basics of Water Damage Restoration

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The Basics of Water Damage Restoration

Restoring a property that has suffered water damage
One of the worst things that can happen to a property owner is to incur water damage within the property. Flood damage of any kind, whether produced by a hairline crack in a water pipe or an overflowing river, can quickly lead to severe damage to a home or business. For this reason, immediate action is always required when any water damage to a property is noted.

What constitutes water damage?

Many people would be surprised to learn that any water spillage above about one gallon is a potentially hazardous situation. This is because water in amounts more than a gallon are likely to begin seeping into the flooring, carpet padding and structure of the home or business. Water left to fester can eventually lead to superficial defects, such as walls or flooring that warps. But it can also lead to more serious problems, such as mold formation or even structural compromise.

Luckily, there are water damage restoration professionals. But they must be immediately contacted when the flood damage occurs. Flood damage restoration and mitigation should never be attempted by a non-professional, for reasons that will soon be made clear.

The water cleanup process

Depending on what water cleanup expert one talks to, there is a five or six step process that almost all water cleanup firms will follow. This is a proven and effective means of flood damage mitigation that can remove water in a home or water in a business and can restore the property to its prior state.

Let's take a closer look at the water cleanup process and what steps are involved in restoration of the property.

Initial phone call

The first and most crucial step when one detects water in a home or water in a business is calling in the professionals. Any spilled amount of water exceeding about one gallon should ideally be handled by professionals. This is because when more than one gallon is spilled or otherwise enters the home, the risk of seepage into subflooring, carpet padding and structural components such as beams and joists skyrockets. Without property mitigation efforts, this can quickly lead to serious consequences to the structure, including mold formation and structural compromise. It is possible for even seemingly smaller amounts of water, in the 10 to 20 gallon range, to cause serious structural damage, with the possibility of the property being deemed unfit for habitation. For this reason, it is absolutely imperative to call in a professional water restoration and mitigation team.

Inspection and damage assessment

Once the team arrives at the property, the first step is assessment and inspection. Professional damage control specialists have at their disposal highly sophisticated equipment, including infrared water-detection devices and hygrometers that can spot invisible water seepage. A thorough assessment will help them decide how best to attack the water problem.

Extraction of all standing water

The next step is the extraction of all standing water in the home or water in the business. This is accomplished by industrial-strength pumps and specialized vacuum equipment. Professional damage control teams will be able to remove thousands of gallons per hour of water in a home or water in a business. Most non-natural-disaster flooding events involve less than an hour to completely remove standing water.

Drying and dehumidifying

The next step is drying. The drying of all water that has permeated the home is crucial. Drying is accomplished with specialized, extremely powerful heater-dryers that can minimize drying time.

Sanitization and cleaning

Once everything has been dried, the final step is cleaning. Using specialized cleaning techniques, professional damage control teams will be able to restore all household items, carpet, and other parts of the home to their prior condition.

The entire process will often take a team of professionals less than a full day. But it is imperative to act as quickly as possible and make that phone call the second a flooding event occurs.
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